2014 Footskills & Goalkeeper Training

***Footskills Sessions Begin Monday, MARCH 24th from 5-6PM***


WV CHAOS SC will offer comprehensive Footskills training to all registered WV CHAOS players as part of the club’s overall training curriculum.  The foundation of the Chaos training philosophy is ball mastery. We will train players to become more confident with the ball at their feet and proficient with their first touch which is key for initiating a successful attack. During this technical session, players will work with numerous coaches from the WV CHAOS staff on all technical and individual skill elements while getting in a constructive amount of repetitions on that particular skill.  The core fundamentals (passing, receiving, dribbling, juggling, heading, striking, agility, turning etc.) are all addressed in different ways each week creating an exciting training environment for our players. Footskills & Technical training is a critical element to a player’s development and the WV CHAOS is proud to provide our club players with the most thorough and organized offering available in the area.

When: March 24th – June 2nd -  NO FOOTSKILLS Monday April 14th

Location: Schoenbaum Coonskin Soccer Stadium

Session Day/Times: EVERY Monday from 5-6PM (ALL Ages U9-U18)


******Goalkeeper Sessions Begin Tuesday, APRIL 1st from 4:30-5:30PM******

Tuesday Night Goalkeeper Training – TRACE FORK SOCCER COMPLEX

WV CHAOS SC will offer comprehensive Goalkeeper training to all registered WV CHAOS players and is offered as part of the club’s overall training curriculum.  Keeper training focuses on developing the unique skills required to manage the goal. Skills and technical training are of vital importance when it comes to soccer goalkeeper training as the Goalkeeper is the only player that can use his/her hands.  This position is physically and mentally challenging hence special training is provided to better outcomes.  All keepers are trained in the technical, tactical, psychological, and physical aspects of the goalkeeping position.

Goalkeeper Training will be conducted by the WV CHAOS SC DOC & Coach, Ashleigh Woods and WV CHAOS Coach Gabe Haynes. 

When: April 1st – June 3rd - NO KEEPER TRAINING Tues., April 15th


Session Day/Times:  EVERY Tuesday from 4:30-5:30PM (ALL Ages U9-U18)