Speed & Agility Classes
Speed can be taught!!!!


WV Chaos Parents,
My name is Ben Blackwell.  I am a WV Chaos Trainer mostly in the Off-Season.  Every Fall/Winter I offer Speed & Agility Classes for all sports.  This season WV Chaos has requested that I do a private class for the WV Chaos Club.  
Here is the thing...  Speed can be TAUGHT!  I am Nationally Certified Athletic Trainer and I have been doing these classes since 1998 with real success in all ages and sports.  This is a four week class... Details are below.   Every class we will break down your players "Form Running" and "Lateral Movement"... Which means Speed moving Forward and Side to Side.  I am the Speed Coach for West Virginia State University Softball.  The classes will be held there in the WVSU Gym and I will utilize upperclassmen as adjunct instructors.  Speed is Speed no matter what sport you play, and there are no balls involved in this class.  Most of Soccer... well over 90%... is played without a ball! The purpose of this class is to enhance your players athletic ability and movement without a ball at their feet.  If you have ever participated in one of my classes before, you absolutely know, there is a really good Instructor/Participant ratio.  I will have anywhere from 3 to 7 total instructors there on any given night... Especially for the first two classes in which proper form is really taught and reinforced.
Please consider coming... I guarantee that if your child applies themselves... THEY WILL GET BETTER!  Every child will literally be able to verbally recite the "Six Points of Speed" when they leave and some can even begin "feeling" their body in... or out of position.  We really try to make it a great experience!  :)
When:  Nov. 25, Dec. 2, Dec. 9, & Dec. 16  .... On Nov. 25 we will Pre-Test 2 drills for Forward and Lateral Speed.--- Dec. 16 we will Post Test and show you results.
Where:  WVSU Gym ... I will send directions if you register.
Time:  Classes are one hour from 6-7:00pm and from 7-8:00pm.  
***The plan is to do two age groups... younger players at 6PM and older players at 7PM.  I will let you know what time your class is once we get a true number of total participants.
What to wear:  Regular Tennis shoes, Running Shoes, Indoor shoes.  The gym is a rubber surface.  NO CLEATS OR TURF SHOES!
Cost:  $15.00 a class. ---- $60 total to be paid by 5:45 on Nov 25th.  I will be there early to collect.
Sign Ups:  First come/First Serve by email ...  mailto:Ben_Blackwell@hotmail.com   -Send your child’s name, age, and your cell #
Questions:  Call me at 3044154088.
*** The only thing I ask is that if you email me and register, PLEASE Follow Through With Your Commitment.
Hope to hear from you soon!
Ben Blackwell, ATC



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