WV Chaos Tryout Process

WV Chaos teams are formed annually through an evaluation/tryout process held at the end of the spring season. Players are required to make a deposit in order to play the fall and/or spring seasons as part of this process. The evaluation process is completed with the help of independent evaluators and with the goal of giving each individual an opportunity. The development of soccer skills or growth of an athlete cannot be plotted linearly…each individual develops at a different rate. For that reason, we encourage all players to continue to play soccer at the highest levels they can. The "star players" at 10 years of age don’t necessarily develop into high school players (Michael Jordan was cut from his 9th grade basketball team). The key is to keep playing and developing…at all levels.

From time to time, questions arise about the composition of teams when there are multiple teams in an age bracket. Questions are commonly centered on whether the WV CHAOS should field one stronger and one weaker team or two balanced teams in an age bracket. The policy of the club will be to field the strongest team possible in each age division and then additional teams when possible, with the overall goal of doing our best to insure that every player has a place to play. Under this policy, the most developed players will be on the roster of the first team, with the next group on team 2 and so on. The tiered structure of the WV Chaos Soccer Club provides opportunities for each squad to find its own competitive level over the years through the reshuffling that may occur after the spring season.

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