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Parents and Players -

               The WVSC and the WV CHAOS, two of West Virginia's most competitive and winningest travel soccer clubs, are excited to announce the consolidation of the two clubs to create one of the largest competitive travel soccer clubs in West Virginia, WVFC - West Virginia Futbol Club.  A lot of very thoughtful deliberation and extensive discussions involving both clubs went into this decision.  The Executive Board of both clubs has voted unanimously to move forward with this venture.  As we move forward we felt it was important to discuss with parents and players the motivation behind this consolidation and the justifications for why we feel it is all of our player's best interest.

               There are a number of benefits for individual players, as well as teams.  Merging will allow us to increase the total number of players in our player pool.  This ensures a number of things that will promote success for individual players, teams, and the club as a whole.  We expect larger numbers of players at training.  We, in fact, expect in many age groups to be able to field multiple teams.  This will promote player development, ensuring that all kids are placed in the correct competitive environment, competing relative to their skill and ability.  Consolidation of both clubs allows age groups to field teams with the most talented kids in this area at every age group, leading to success at the state and regional level.  Dissipation of talent through multiple clubs in an area as small as ours has always been an issue.  There is, in fact, strength in numbers.

               Part of our intention is to improve cohesiveness within the club.  We plan to take multiple age groups to the same events.  This could significantly reduce the financial and logistical burden for parents that have multiple children playing in the club in different age groups.

               Finally, we feel strongly that this consolidation has important implications for our coaching staff.  The merger will allow us to bring together the most qualified youth soccer coaches in this area to provide training and guidance to our players.  It will allow for better coaching development and education and a more cohesive coaching organization.

                We know that there will be questions regarding training locations, fees, uniforms and a myriad number of other logistic issues.  We will address those things as the time draws nearer to embarking on the upcoming season.  Information regarding WVFC Club tryouts for the 2014-15 season, will be held in November for all players U12+ and up for both Boys & Girls.  Information will be forthcoming regarding dates, times, locations, and teams, etc.

               We are excited about this new venture.  We believe it provides our coaches and players with the best opportunity for increased success at the local, state and regional level.  We are extremely excited to bring two first class travel soccer clubs together to create ONE great organization, WVFC, that our Players, Parents, and Coaches will be very proud to be apart of.  We look forward to the upcoming season.

 Best personal regards,

 Phil Young, Co-President                                                        Justin O'Reilly, Co-President

 WVFC - West Virginia Futbol Club                                          WVFC - West Virginia Futbol Club

 Alex Boyer - Academy Director
 Ashleigh Woods - Girls Coordinator U12-18
 Alex Fatovic - Boys Coordinator U12-18


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